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Talks offered by Freedomthroughhypnosis

Although Hypnotherapy is a very personal thing, many people do not want to make that first step, so what I offer is a Group chat, where a few friends can get together listen to the chat and then have an open debate, if you feel your group, (whatever you group may be about), would benefit from this, please do not hesitate to contact myself uysing the contacts page.

We also offer group meditation, sometimes if you are feeling a little low or lost, you can pick up on other peoples negative energy, making it harder to recover
Having a group meditation allows you to experience a group atmosphere and this helps with the letting go of negativity and re-balancing yourself and your mind, so
if you and a few friends would like us to run a meditation then again please do get in touch. these are ideal for weight loss groups , but benefit in many different ways
talking through a better life
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