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About myself Simon Edelstein and my Hypnotherapy

         My Name is Simon Edelstein, I live in Elland, Halifax West Yorkshire,

I studied "The Advanced Diploma in Creative Hypnotherapy" with The Northern College of Creative Hypnotherapy at Tameside Genral Hospital, under the close instruction of Ray Jenkinson and Johnathon Lloyd. I am currently registsered with the Governing bodies below

I Was born in 1967 besides other jobs I worked and studied in the Family furniture manufacturing business with my parents, I am still in furniture retail, but whilst selling suites is rewarding I found other Passions, qualifying as a PPL(Private Pilot) and a Yacht Master, there was still something missing and that was a connection with people on all levels. Creative Hypnotherapy was able to offer that so me, so I decided to gain the Diploma, as I loved helping and talking to people and what better way.

SO WHY ME: When there are so many practitioners out there, I could state the obvious ones, Honest, sincere, caring, confidential and such, but its about experience, not only with others but also with myself, having lost a partner to Cancer, being knocked off my motorbike, Financial issues , family issues and so much more, gave me a real insight into life, Having worked with Hundreds of clients I know believe Im in a strong position, to help YOU, with a better understanding of lifes issues, First of all allowing ME to help myself, only made me stronger and then realising there is nothing that Hypnotherapy can not help with, is probably a great reason too. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER IN SILENCE OR ALONE
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