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Hypnotherapy Myths

There are plenty of myths about hypnosis. that can put people off going to to a hypnotherapist, with so much bad press and TV, (look into my eyes) like this clip from little Britain, its a wonder anyone ever goes, but as Hypnotherapy is on a major increase, we thought we would try to help you with some of those Myths, so that you can make those changes and start the rest of your new life, if after spending valuable time and reading this section you are still worried then please do Contact us, what have you got to loose?

Hypnosis Myth 1 – “Do hypnotists have special powers over their clients?”
This is a major Myth and the asnwer is NO!, what you have to remmeber is all Hypnosis is self Hypnosis, Hypnotists, don't have any power, but they have the skill and knowledge in how to use Hypnosis as a benefit to people. The idea that hypnotists have ‘special powers’ came from a film. This is understandable as mystery surrounds hypnosis. and this will be the way till more people see the benefits of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth 2 – Hypnosis will only work on certain people. This is incorrect
Most people can induce Hypnosis, but some people can take a little longer. It’s mainly down to the person’s motivation, their willingness, and their ability to concentrate.
As far as I’m concerned everyone is able to be hypnotised . Generally if you want to change and you are open to change then you will see the benefits of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth #3 – People who are able to hypnotized are weak minded.
Wrong! this is totally untrue Without question it’s the people who can concentrate and have a creative imagination that are, in my opinion the best ‘hypnotic subjects’. Creative people generally enter into hypnosis easier and deeper than anyone else. We’re all susceptible to suggestion, but it’s a matter to what level. If someone is offering me something which is useful, then it would be really silly to work against benefit it would give you.

Hypnosis Myth #4 – When in hypnosis, you can be made to say or do something against your will. This again is one of the biggest myths really this should have been number 1. Wrong! hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestion. People won’t do anything which goes against their personal values or beliefs. What you have to remember is that Hypnosis is not sleep and you’re aware of everything that’s happening around you. If someone tells you to do something that is really against your own feelings then you won’t do it. You’ll come out of the state of hypnosis,
It’s as simple as that!

Hypnosis Myth #5 – Hypnosis can be bad for your health.
Wrong! There has never been a reported case of anyone suffering, due to a visit to a proffesional hypnotherapist. My guess would be that all Doctors and health care workers would agree on the health benefits of relaxation. Which can lead to a balance within the mind, body and soul, emotionally and physically. Most doctors and health experts agree relaxation goes along way to keeping people healthy but are unsure as to how to help people achieve that state .Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. If you want to feel in balance within yourself and the world around you, hypnosis is the best state to be in.

Hypnosis Myth #6 - You can get stuck in a state of hypnosis and be unable to wake up.
Wrong! No one ever gets "stuck" in hypnosis. Remember hypnosis is a natural and normal state that we enter into and out of every day at some time. but the worst that could possibly happen is that you drift into natural sleep, and after 5 or 10 minutes you wake up naturally. Some people under hypnosis fall asleep. I've had it before with people, where they've been so stressed, that they have actually fallen asleep. This is not a problem. But remember, you'll never get stuck in hypnosis.Even if the Hypnotherapist suffered a heart attack, then the concious mind after a few minutes would notice someting has changed and return you back to the awakening state.

Hypnosis Myth #7 - You're asleep or unconscious when in hypnosis.
Wrong! You're not asleep and you are certainly not unconscious, you're fully aware of what's happening around you. Of course everyone's experience is slightly different, some people feel light, some people feel heavy, but almost everyone feels extremely relaxed. Generally, when people are in a deep state of hypnosis, they feel as if their body has gone to sleep but the mind is still alert, awake, and aware. If you do fall into a natural sleep then don't worry. As your sub conscious mind is still listening , like a mother who wakes up from a deep sleep when her baby is crying

Hypnosis Myth #8 - You'll become dependent on the hypnotherapist
Wrong! Remember, you have a conscious awareness during hypnosis, and are in full control. If the hypnotist was to ask you to do anything inappropriate then you'd generally wake up. The best, most professional and ethical hypnotherapists work in a way that the makes the client in charge rather than working in an authoritarian way where problems may result.

Hypnosis Myth #9 - In hypnosis you'll be able to recall everything that's ever happened to you.
Wrong! Certain therapists use certain specific techniques that may help a person remember certain things from the past if that's going to be useful for them. Normally there is no real need to go back into a personal memory or personal history.

Hypnosis Myth #10 - Hypnosis is dangerous and is the work of the devil!
Some religious people talk of hypnosis as the 'devils work'. Remember that anything can be used positively and negatively. It's not the hypnosis that is at fault, it's the way its used. There are many doctors who recommend Hypnotherapy. You have to believe in what you practice and I totally believe in Hypnotherapy through my own experiences and also my clients
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